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uBlock Chameleon

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Spoof your browser profile. Includes a few privacy enhancing options. A WebExtension port of Random Agent Spoofer.

Chameleon is a WebExtension port of the popular Firefox addon Random Agent Spoofer. UI
  • Light/Dark theme
  • Notifications
  • Quickly toggle Chameleon
  • Randomly select from a list of browser profiles
  • Choose between different platforms or device types
  • Change user agent at specified interval
  • Enable Do Not Track
  • Prevent Etag tracking
  • Spoof accept headers
  • Spoof X-Forwarded-For/Via IP
  • Disable referer
  • Modify referer policies
  • Block media devices
  • Spoof media devices
  • Limit tab history
  • Protect keyboard fingerprint
  • Protect
  • Spoof audio context
  • Spoof client rects
  • Spoof font fingerprint
  • Spoof screen size
  • Spoof timezone
  • Enable first party isolation
  • Enable resist fingerprinting
  • Prevent WebRTC leak.
  • Enable tracking protection
  • Block WebSockets
  • Modify cookie policy
  • about:config checklist to enhance your privacy
Please note that WebExtensions are unable to modify about:config entries. Whitelist
  • Use your real or spoofed profile for whitelisted sites
  • Supports regular expressions
  • Use a custom profile per whitelist rule, multiple sites per rule
Wiki If you don't know where to start, visit the wiki. Credits dillbyrne for creating Random Agent Spoofer Special Thanks: - giwhub for the Chinese translation - Kaylier, melegeti, and Tux 528 for the French translation - Anonymous and Wursttorte for the German translation - Shitennouji for the Japanese translation - gnu-ewm for the Polish translation - 3ibsand, Alexey, fks7cgsk, and Hit Legends for the Russian translation - David P. (Megver83) for the Spanish translation - xlabx for the Turkish translation